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AG Kirschning

Contact info:

Director of Clinic/Institute: Prof. Dr. Andreas Kirschning / Institut für Organische Chemie

Representative at the NIFE: Dr. Gerald Dräger
Mail: drä

Keywords: Surface modification, adjustment of surface biocompatibility, hydrogels, small molecule synthesis, flow through synthesis/reactors, open air plasma, high temperature chemistry, molecular analytics (NMR and mass spectrometry), general analytics (IR, UV, elemental analysis)

Scientific expertise:

We develop biocompatible biopolymer-based materials, which can be used to embed living cells and serve as artificial extracellular matrix. Employing different chemically mild and cell compatible coupling strategies, these materials will be decorated with small molecules to introduce cell-specific properties necessary for each application.

The functionalization of biomedical materials and devices is pursued. RGD-peptide coating of polymeric and metallic surfaces were developed. Additional medical devices (stents, heart valves etc.) will be targeted to optimize their surface properties and their biological interaction. In addition to RGD peptides, other relevant molecules such as cytostatic drugs, biofilm inhibitors and antibiotics (inhibition of post operation inflammations) were immobilized depending on the medical need.

Custom-made small molecules were designed and synthesized, both either as soluble compounds or coupling partners for matrix polymers. Such compounds have shown to be useful for instance to prevent cell death, to enhance reprogramming or proliferation, or to specifically force differentiation into certain lineages.