Acoustic implants

The work group ‘acoustic implants’ of the ENT clinic at the MHH, is centered around the biophysics of cochlear stimulation. With a main focus on acoustic stimulation by active middle ear implants and bone conduction devices, experimental and clinical-audiological investigations are combined to develop new technical approaches. In addition, basic aspects of optical and electrical stimulation and physiology of the cochlea are investigated. Within collaborative projects together with most major manufacturers results are translated into clinical applications.


Prof. Dr. phil. nat.
Hannes Maier
Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic
Dipl. Phys.
Konrad Bethmann
Mit Balvantray Bhavsar
Mohammad Ghoncheh
Tiago Rocha Felix
Dipl. Ing.
D. Stauske



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Active middle ear implants, bone conduction hearing aids, optoacoustic stimulation, physiology and electrophysiology of the cochlea, impedance spectroscopy.

Prof. Dr. phil. nat. Hannes Maier

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Stadtfelddamm 34
30625 Hanover


A. Kral, F. Aplin, H. Maier. Prostheses for the brain: introduction to neuroprosthetics. ISBN: 9780128188927. Elsevier 2021.

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