Biostabilization is an integral step in the development of implants and tissue-engineered constructs that have cellular components or biomolecules. Custom-designed preservation methods need to be established to ensure availability off-the-shelf in acute situations and to enable intercontinental transport. Decellularized heart valves, for example, can be freeze-dried allowing storage and transport at room temperature. Cryopreserved endothelialized biohybrid lung modules enable availability on demand.


Prof. Dr. Ir.
Willem Wolkers
Reproductive medicine unit of the clinics
Tobias Braun
PhD student
Sükrü Caliskan
PhD student
Inola Kohrs
Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLTA)
Dejia Liu
PhD student
Harriëtte Oldenhof
Senior Staff Scientist


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Bioheat and mass transfer, cryopreservation of cells and tissues, cryopreservation modeling, dry biobanking, freeze-drying, liposome encapsulation technology, macromolecular stability, membrane biophysics, molecular spectroscopy.

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