Electrode-Nerve Interface

In the WG, two main topics are addressed. One topic is the optimization of the electrode-nerve interface using the example of the cochlear implant and covering the complete range from cell culture to measurements in the patient. The second main pillar is the development and testing of treatment options for functional disorders of the Eustachian tube.


PD Dr.
Gerrit Paasche
Department of Otorhinolaryngology
Wiebke Behrends
PhD student
Jasmine Bohlmann
Technical Assistant
Halina Ebel
PhD student
Malena Ezzat
Lennart Fibranz
PhD student
Ida Janzen-Senn
PhD student
Lisa Kötter
Technical Assistant
Tim Luke Lübbersmeyer
PhD student
Alexandra Napp
PhD student
Niels Oppel
PhD student
Friederike Pohl
Jannis-Fiete Riedemann
PhD student
Lena Rose bush
PhD student
Catherine Schmitt
PhD student
Robert Schuon
Specialist ENT
Stina Winkelmann
PhD student
Dr. rer. nat
Kirsten Wissel


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Cochlear implant; surface modification; drug delivery; electrical stimulation; impedance; cell culture; primary cells; Eustachian tube; tubal dysfunction; histology.

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