Ex-Vivo Organ Perfusion

Ex-vivo organ perfusion systems are used to better evaluate and minimize ischemia-reperfusion injury of donor organs. In addition to an increasing role in organ transplantation, ex-vivo organ perfusion has also been recognized as a useful tool for ex-vivo therapy. These are highly innovative strategies, in terms of regenerative, immunological, cell-based, pharmacological, as well as anti-tumor and anti-infective therapeutic approaches for the various ex-vivo perfusable organs / extremities in the context of autologous replantation as well as allogeneic and xenogeneic transplantation, which this research group is working to develop and establish.


PD Dr.
Bettina Wiegmann
Clinic for Cardiac, Thoracic, Transplantation and Vascular Surgery


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European patent application, "Perfusion System", Application number EP22166337.0