Signal processing for auditory implants

The group is working on the development of signal processing strategies for cochlear implants. Depending on the manufacturer, 12 to 22 intracochlear electrode contacts of the cochlear implant electrically stimulate the auditory nerve to cause a hearing sensation in CI patients. The electrodes are activated in rapid succession several hundred to a thousand times a second. The composition of these intracochlear stimulation patterns, which are calculated by signal processing strategies, determines the auditory impression of the CI patient.


  • Signal processing for cochlear implants
  • Measurement of auditory evoked potentials with intracochlear electrodes (cochlear microphonics, summing potential, compound action potential)
  • Measurement of electrically evoked potentials (EEG)
  • Objectification of hearing with objective measurement methods
  • Sound localization and binaural processing of auditory psychophysics

The group is working on the development of signal processing strategies for cochlear implants. Depending on the manufacturer, 12 to 22 intracochlear electrode contacts of the cochlear implant electrically stimulate the auditory nerve to cause a hearing sensation in CI patients. The electrodes are activated in rapid succession several hundred to a thousand times a second. The composition of these intracochlear stimulation patterns, which are calculated by signal processing strategies, determines the auditory impression of the CI patient.

This results in the following main topics:

Development of binaural stimulation strategies for cochlear implants
with the aim of improving limited directional hearing in patients with bilateral cochlear implants. Evaluation of the strategies in an anechoic chamber with a lower cut-off frequency of 90 Hz using a fixed localization sound system.

Use of high-resolution EEG systems
(128 channels, sampling rate 20,000 Hz) for objectification of auditory impressions in CI patients (frequency, loudness and temporal resolution).

Algorithm development and evaluation

for noise reduction and beamforming to improve the signal-to-noise ratio in different listening environments to improve the hearing of CI patients.

Develop automated fitting procedures based on objective measurements and patient feedback.

Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Inform.
Andreas Buechner
Michael Bardt
Hanna Bönitz
Alexey Demyanchuk
Dr. rer.biol.hum.
Karl-Heinz Dyballa
Claudia Goetze
Annette Günther
Sven Kliesch
Dr. rer. nat
Eugene Kludt
Post Doc
Benjamin Kruger
PhD student
Dr. rer. nat
Timo Leinemann
Anna Rest
Mark Schuessler
Tobias Weller
Post Doc



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CI signal processing, eCAP, EEG, auditory psychophysics.

Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Inform. Andreas Büchner


German Hearing Center Hanover
Karl-Wiechert-Allee 3
30625 Hanover


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