Future Day at NIFE

1 min read

On 27.05.2023 28 children participated in the Girl`s and Boy`s Day at NIFE. The day was a great success! The children had the opportunity to work with our scientists and experience research first hand. 

The students were able to gain an insight into everyday life and the workings of research in the laboratory.

The children learned many important tools and techniques themselves, tried their hand at pipetting, worked with cell cultures and evaluated samples under the microscope. With a lot of enthusiasm, the children have visited different work groups and learned about a wide variety of implants. In the laboratory, the students learned how to cryopreserve cells and examine biofilms.

Some students were also allowed to conduct listening tests at different sound frequencies in an anechoic chamber, a special laboratory room for acoustics experiments where almost no sound is reflected.

The children showed great interest in our research projects and asked many smart questions. We hope that they were inspired by this day and may even have the desire to work in research themselves one day, We look forward to the next generation of researchers and developers.