New standard work on Neuroprostheses

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Reference book is aimed at experts and students from different disciplines

A new standard work on neuroprostheses has been published by ENT professors Andrej Kral and Hannes Maier of Hannover Medical School together with Dr. Felix Aplin: "Prostheses for the Brain" is the title of the book, which is aimed equally at doctoral students and young scientists from technical and biological disciplines, as well as neuroscientists, engineers and physicians entering the field of neuroprosthetics.

Neuroprosthetics are used in the field of sensory prostheses (with cochlear implants, retinal implants and brainstem implants), but also in the field of motor (deep brain stimulation), in the spinal cord (in e.g. spinal stimulation for pain relief), in the experimental field of cerebral cortex implants (e.g. in paraplegia and in blindness). Neuroprosthetics has successfully mastered clinical translation in several areas, is a rapidly growing field of medicine. It is estimated that 1 million people worldwide already use neuroprostheses in their daily lives today.

The MHH authors provide a multidisciplinary introduction to artificial nerve stimulation. "Until now, no systematic introductory compilation of findings on principles and applications of neuroprostheses existed. Since many neuroprostheses are already in clinical use, such a synthesis is essential for the new generation of scientists and clinicians who are increasingly confronted with them in their field of work. The different fields of application can learn a lot from each other," reports Prof. Dr. Dr. Andrej Kral.

The authors review the technology of electrodes for registration and artificial stimulation of nerve tissue, safety limits and their determination, and describe the most clinically successful neuroprostheses such as the cochlear implant, brainstem implant, deep brain stimulation and spinal implants. The authors also present new developments in the field of retinal neuroprostheses, vestibular neuroprostheses, implants for control of extremities but also in stimulation of peripheral nerves. This gives the reader a comprehensive overview of the principles and applications of neuroprostheses. The book sets realistic expectations, both in terms of potentials and limitations for safety, design, and outcomes.

Prostheses for the Brain - Introduction to Neuroprosthetics
Authors: Andrej Kral, Felix Aplin, Hannes Maier
eBook ISBN: 9780128188934
Paperback ISBN: 9780128188927
Publisher: Academic Press
Published: April 3, 2021
414 pages

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