OrthoRetreat 2.0

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On 02.11.2023, the event took place for the second time OrthoRetreat took place at the NIFE under the title "Orthopedic Implants and Surfaces". Research approaches relating to osteoarthritis, the reconstruction of tendons and ligaments as well as patient-specific therapeutic approaches were presented and discussed. The exchange between basic science-oriented researchers with a view to cellular reactions and their pathological correlations and clinicians who face the challenges of individual patients on a daily basis was particularly valuable. This revealed new therapeutic approaches that are producing promising results in initial studies, but whose principles are not yet fully understood and need to be researched in greater depth. The medical and biomedical engineering students in attendance were also able to gain an insight into how clinical issues are viewed from different perspectives and how possible solutions are jointly developed. This valuable exchange was deepened during networking over finger food and drinks and further specific challenges were discussed and new ideas developed together.