Region president experiences research at NIFE

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NIFE demonstrated its expertise in the field of implant research in a 2-hour roadshow. Mr. Krach was given a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the field of biological, biofunctionalized and infection-resistant implants and was presented with projects from clinical research as well as basic research. Subsequently, he was given an overview of the top research associations based at NIFE. In the further course, Mr. Krach was presented projects from the early spin-off phase up to already existing spin-offs around NIFE, thus impressively demonstrating the topic of translation. Finally, Mr. Krach was given a laboratory tour and was allowed to experience cutting-edge research "live". The president of the region left the NIFE after 2 hours with many newly acquired impressions and thanked for the comprehensive insight into the topic of implant research.

Copyright of the pictures: Philipp Schroeder