AG „BIOPHOTONIK / LZH“ (Dr. T. Ripken)AG „BIOPHOTONIK / LZH“ (Dr. T. Ripken)

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Leiter: Dr. Tammo Ripken / Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V., Abteilung Industrielle und Biomedizinische Optik

Stellvertretung vor Ort (NIFE): Dr. Dag Heinemann


Biophotonik, Laser-Gewebe-Interaktion, medizinische Laseranwendungen, Ophthalmologie, optische Zellmanipulation und -stimulation, Optogenetik, optische in vivo Bildgebung, nicht-lineare Mikroskopie, Lasertransfektion, optische in vivo Bildgebung, Mikroelektrodenarray, Ultrakurzpulslaser

Kurzbeschreibung der AG

The Biophotonics group of the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH) deals with application-oriented research and development concerning the interaction of optical radiation and biological matter. This interaction is essentially reflected in three main topics:

  • Laser medicine and medical technology: The group develops procedures that use the laser as a tool in medical applications. Areas of application include ophthalmology, targeted bone and tissue removal, and processing of implant-associated materials

  • Cell manipulation: At the cellular or even subcellular level, laser radiation is used to influence and study cell behavior. By means of laser transfection, molecules can be introduced into the cell. In addition, in the field of optogenetics, the group is researching the use of light-switchable molecules in medicine and medical research.

  • Optical Imaging: The focus is on non-invasive optical imaging using optical coherence tomography (OCT) and scanning laser optical tomography (SLOT). Thus, contactless high-resolution three-dimensional images can be generated in a wide variety of tissue types. In addition, imaging techniques are combined with optical manipulation to allow manipulation of the target structures with simultaneous imaging for visual control. Measured values are generated from the acquired image data in order to allow quantitative statements and to derive therefrom diagnostic and therapeutic parameters..