Successful 3rd 'Digital Implant Innovation Forum' at NIFE

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On 30.1.24 the 3rd event in the series 'Digital Implant Innovation Forum' took place very successfully at the NIFE, an event with 12 lectures on all aspects of tissue engineering (TE) as well as poster publications by individual groups in and around the NIFE. 

Prof. Holger Blume and Prof. Meike Stiesch were present on behalf of the NIFE Board of Directors, while the President of the MHH, Prof. Manns, gave a welcoming address at lunchtime, emphasizing the multidisciplinary research work of the NIFE and in particular its value for the high-quality training of young female scientists. The TE is ultimately subject to the same "harsh conditions" as human or animal transplants, with high quality requirements in terms of function, strategies for maintaining function and immunological compatibility in the recipient. The event, which was very successful and packed with presentations, also covered topics from basic research on new possibilities for autologous cell harvesting and expansion from various body cell niches and immunogenic masking to prevent rejection, as well as very innovative possibilities for oxygen or pH monitoring in or on tissue, and completely new implant concepts such as carbon nanotubes for heart muscle support or energy harvesting in the body. Some of the new developments presented could potentially enable a quantum leap in the manufacture of implants, such as high-resolution 3D printing in scaffold production, supported by technical developments at bioprinter manufacturers and intelligent engineering innovations. The research team at NIFE came into close contact with other researchers from LUH and MHH as well as TU Dresden and with representatives of smaller and larger companies. In an exciting panel discussion, they discussed how results from TE research activities in Germany and Europe can be quickly transferred to industry and clinical applications and what hurdles, including financial ones, need to be overcome. Finally, the invited panelists were asked to summarize their motivation for the transfer of new TE products to industry and clinics for the R&D community. The following quote from Dr. Teepe, CellTro, (spin-off, Dresden) was a good example of this "Think big - and never give up!".

We are looking forward to the next event in this series, which is planned for fall 2024.